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    MS Access – Advanced 1 Day | 7 hours | 495 PLUS TAX

    This course is designed for students wishing to gain intermediate-level database skills or individuals whose job requires constructing relational databases, performing database maintenance, creating advanced queries and reports, or integrating Access with other programs. You will expand your knowledge of relational database design, write advanced queries, share data across applications, and customize reports.
    Prerequisite: MS Access Essentials or equivalent experience 

    Organizing a Database for Efficiency

    « Data normalization
    « Create a junction table
    « Improve table structure

    Joining Tables

    « Create query joins
    « Relate data within a table
    « Work with subdatasheets

    Creating Advanced Queries

    « Create parameter queries
    « Summarize data
    « Create subqueries
    « Create action queries
    « Create unmatched and duplicate queries

    Using Advanced Reporting Techniques

    « Include control formatting in a report
    « Add a calculated field to a report
    « Add a subreport to an existing report

    Implementing Advanced Form Design

    « Add controls to forms
    « Enhance navigation of forms
    « Enhance organization of forms
    « Apply conditional formatting

    Using Data Validation

    « Use field validation
    « Use form and record validation

    Using Macros to Improve User Interface

    « Create a macro
    « Restrict records using a condition
    « Validate data using a macro
    « Automate data entry using a macro

    Using Advanced Database Management

    « Manage a database
    « Determine object dependency
    « Document a database

    • Online:
    • Runs on request for 2 or more. Please call to arrange dates.