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    Foxit PDF Essentials 2 Days | 14 Hours | $795 PLUS TAX

    Our most popular course is a combination of Foxit Basics and Fillable Forms. In it, you will learn to create, edit, and combine PDF documents for distribution and collaboration. You’ll also learn how to create user-friendly fillable forms, and how to perform calculations and assign actions within them. The learning curve is gentle and we’ll make sure you have enough practice to feel completely comfortable when you start working with Acrobat back at the office. Prerequisite: None 

    Day One – Working with PDFs


    « Why use PDF files at all?
    « PDF authoring and reading tools
    « PDF Editor overview


    « Workspace basics
    « Preferences and customization

    Reading PDFs

    « Multi-tab and single document reading
    « Navigating through a document
    « Adjusting the page view
    « Adjusting the view mode
    « PDF file comparison
    « Commenting on documents

    Creating PDFs

    « Create PDFs in PDF Editor
    « Create PDFs from multiple files
    « Create a PDF from a web page
    « Creating PDFs from scanned documents
    « Create a PDF from Microsoft apps


    Combining documents

    « Combining Documents
    « Creating a merged document

    Adding navigation

    « Adding web links
    « Adding navigation links
    « Add and edit bookmarks
    « Managing destinations

    Editing your PDF

    « Inserting pages
    « Rotate, move, swap and delete pages
    « Extract, duplicate and replace pages
    « Split PDFs into multiple files
    « Editing text
    « Adding running headers and footers
    « Formatting page numbers

    Document properties

    « What is metadata and what is it good for?
    « Why use initial view settings?

    Protecting your document

    « Basic security options
    « Certification protection
    « Creating security policies

    Day Two – Creating Fillable Forms

    Design considerations

    « Aspects of user friendly forms
    « Appropriate typefaces
    « Design tips

    Creating and Editing Forms

    « Acrobat field types
    « Creating text fields
    « Creating combo boxes
    « Creating list boxes
    « Creating checkboxes
    « Creating radio buttons
    « Buttons and actions
    « Self populating fields
    « Properties dialog box
    « Formatting tips
    « Read-only fields

    Arranging form fields

    « Select multiple form fields
    « Align multiple form fields
    « Resize multiple form fields
    « Ensuring proper Tab order

    Using calculations in forms

    « Simple calculations
    « Simple javascript calculations
    « Calculating tax and shipping costs
    « Assigning values to drop down boxes

    Distributing Forms

    « Enabling pdfs for Reader apps
    « Distributing pdf forms by email
    « Collecting data from forms

    • Online:
    • Runs on request. Please call to arrange dates.