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    Excel – Power Query 1 Day | 7 hours | $449 PLUS TAX

    No matter where your data comes from – whether it’s a small or very large data set – you can connect, clean, analyze, and share your data faster using Power Query. This course guides you through the essentials of data extraction and transformation, teaching you to seamlessly integrate data from multiple sources and transform the time-consuming chore of data preparation into an efficient, automated process. Prerequisite: Experience with Excel 

    In this course, you will become comfortable with:

    » Using PQ for data loading and cleaning purposes
    » Using PQ to reformat reports to tables for easier data analysis
    » Combining data from multiple sheets in a workbook
    » Combining data from multiple files in a folder
    » Tips, tricks, and best-practice techniques

    You will benefit most from this course if you:

    Consider yourself an intermediate user of Excel and need to work with data that originates outside Excel.

    • Online:
    • Runs on request. Please call to arrange dates.