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    Business Writing 2 Days | 14 hours | $825 PLUS TAX

    The ability to write well has always been a necessary skill for professionals. But now with everyone facing compressed timelines and information overload it is more important than ever. In this workshop, students learn how to make all their professional communications more concise, polished and precise. Prerequisite: None. 

    After completing this course you will know how to

    • » arrange ideas so that readers keep reading
    • » write for the intended audience
    • » craft easy-to-understand sentences and paragraphs
    • » decide what you want from (and for) your readers
    • » motivate readers to act or respond
    • » convey messages in as few words as possible
    • » polish your letters, email, newsletters, presentations, and social media postings
    • » format writing so it is interesting to read
    • » edit and proofread your writing
    • » and much more…

    This course is hands on. Students learn the principles of good writing and practice at every step. The class is intended to stimulate a dynamic exchange of ideas between the instructor and students. The course will be most productive when students bring samples of their writing to class.

    • Online:
    • Jul 08-09
    • Aug 14-15
    • Sep 03-04
    • Nov 11-12