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    MS Sharepoint – Users 1 Day | 7 Hours | 595 PLUS TAX

    In this hands-on course, we will demonstrate and practice the essential skills you need to work with SharePoint. This course is designed for Microsoft Office users who are transitioning to a SharePoint environment, and who need to share information and collaborate with team members. We cover essential features such as log in, navigation, use of team and communication sites, editing and coauthoring documents, working with lists, integration with Microsoft 365, and document storage. Prerequisite: Experience with MS Office 

    Getting Started

    « What is a database?
    « Opening a database
    « Tables
    « Queries
    « Forms
    « Reports
    « Review the ribbon interface

    Navigating SharePoint Sites

    « SharePoint interface
    « Navigate within a SharePoint site
    « Gain access to a site you didn’t create
    « Access SharePoint from your mobile device

    Using Lists to Track Information

    « Add and populate lists
    « Change view options
    « Create a custom view

    Using Document Libraries to Share and Organize Documents

    « Store files in a document library
    « Create and use document templates

    Finding, Sharing, and Archiving Content

    « Search for items in lists or libraries
    « Share through links
    « Move files offline

    Authoring Documents as a Team

    « Work together on documents
    « Manage file versions and document recovery

    Automating Business Processes

    « Use rule-based automation
    « Use power automate to automate a workflow

    • Online:
    • Runs on request for 2 or more. Please call to arrange dates.